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News, 2/6/2015

Nature and Extreme Activities Attract Israeli Tourists in Finland

The time that Israeli tourists spend in Finland has nearly tripled in the past ten years. Israeli tourists want to travel to Finland especially to see the arctic nature and to try some extreme activities. This is the first year when Finland is represented in the Tourist Exhibition in Tel Aviv.

"The snow changes everything, even as dull thing as street lamps, into unique targets for a photographer," says Roie Galitz who works in an Israeli tourist agency which organizes trips to Lapland. In addition to snow Israeli people also find the northern lights, Finnish nature and the Sami culture interesting.

Galitz wants to show a funny video that he has in his cell phone. In the video Israeli tourists float in the Gulf of Botnia in their floating suits, have coffee in a snow castle, take a dog sledge drive across frozen lakes singing how hot it is in Finland. "Music means a lot to Israelis. If the movie would be quiet, no one would want to come here. There has to be music and joy."

The amount of Israeli tourists in Finland has increased a lot in past few years. In 2004 Israeli tourist spent 10 000 nights in Finnish hotels and hostels when last year the number was 30 000 nights. Most of Israeli tourists go to Lapland. In addition to Lapland, Helsinki, Finnish Lake District and archipelago are also popular destinations.

An event about the tourism in Lapland was held in ambassador's residence on Monday, 02.02.2015. The event was organized in cooperation with an Israeli travel agency Phototeva which is specializing in extreme vacations. Approximately 50 people interested in Lapland and tourism took part in the event. Also the personnel from the Embassy were present to tell about Lapland and Finland.

The event was held as part of the Tourist Exhibition that is held in Tell Aviv next week. This is the first year for Finland to be represented in the Exhibition. Tourism Exhibition will be held 02/10 - 11/02/2015 in Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center Tel Aviv at Rokach Boulevard 101. The event is free of charge. The Embassy welcomes you all to take part to the exhibition.

Photo: Neta Maislos
The ambassador Leena-Kaisa Mikkola received a photo album about Lapland made by the personnel of Phototeva Travel Agency.
The ambassador Leena-Kaisa Mikkola received a photo album about Lapland made by the personnel of Phototeva Travel Agency.

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