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Funds for Local Cooperation

The Embassy of Finland in Tel Aviv is currently not accepting applications for Funds for Local Cooperation. The next application period will be in January 2019.

Funds for Local Cooperation (FLC) is a part of Finland’s official development co-operation. It is aimed for local civil society actors to carry out specific projects with clear goals and sustainable outcomes. The FLC supports the overall aims of the development policy of Finland. The focus of the funded projects and activities should focus on the goals defined in the Finnish development policy program. Currently, Finland focuses its action on the rights and status of women and girls and comprehensive democratic and sustainable development of the societies.

The Embassy of Finland in Tel Aviv supports cross-border projects by Israeli NGOs and projects where the beneficiaries are Palestinians in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem and Gaza). Funded projects must endorse the peace process, dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians and the human rights of Palestinians. Annual budget for the FLC is around 100 000 euros.

The Fund in the Embassy of Finland in Tel Aviv has three priority areas in 2017-2018:

-              Building trust among Israeli and Palestinian youth

-              Empowering women and girls

-              Sustainable development on human rights and environment

What kind of projects can be funded?

The Embassy accepts applications primarily from Israeli NGOs to implement distinct projects. In certain cases the Embassy can also fund Israeli-Palestinian development projects by Israeli non-profit civil society actors, which meet the set criteria (science and research institutions, foundations, independent media, cultural institutes and non-for-profit social enterprises).

The FLC cannot be used for supporting activities of the government, municipalities, ministries, political parties, private people or businesses, purely religious activities or charity, microloans or Finnish organizations.

Rehabilitating the lower Jordan river project
Rehabilitating the lower Jordan river project

How to apply for funding?

Proposals are assessed based on the agreed assessment criteria, coherence with the above-mentioned Finnish development policy and the priority areas of the Embassy. The quality standards include Result Based Management (RBM) and Human Rights Based Approach to Development (HRBA).

Further information can be requested from the Deputy Head of Mission Niina Nykänen,, tel. +972 3 745 6600.

FLC projects funded by the Embassy in 2017-2018:

1) Gisha: Promoting Economic Development in Gaza

1.5.2017 – 30.4.2018, budget: 10 000 €

2) Middle East Entrepreurs of Tomorrow (MEET): Young Israelis and Palestinians tackling shared environmental challenges

1.6.2017 – 31.1.2018, budget: 18 000 €

3) Peace Players: Basketball Club & Leadership Development Programme

1.5.2017 – 30.4.2018, budget: 10 000 €

4) Peace Now: Settlement Watch Project

1.5.2017 – 31.12.2018, budget: 20 000 €

5) Peres Center for Peace and Innovation: Twinned Peace Sports Schools

1.5.2017 – 31.12.2018, budget: 20 000 €

 In addition, funding the E-Waste project protecting the environment and promoting cooperation by AJEED-NISPED continues from 2015.

The Peres Center for Peace football tournament, Israeli and Palestinian children who participated in the tournament and embassy staff members
The Peres Center for Peace football tournament

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Updated 12/4/2018

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