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Finnish Associations

Israel - Finland Friendship associations

Friendship associations function in two branches and organize an Independence Day celebration, Mid-summer trip and so on. For more information, please, contact the relevant contact person:

Jerusalem, Mateh Yehuda areas
Professor Shmuel Moreh, tel. 02 - 5341 - 044
Ms. Ilana Lapidot, tel. 03 - 534 - 8932, fax. 03- 530 - 1258.

Tel Aviv area
Ms. Gabi Nussbaum, tel. 03 - 524 -7993
Address: Gaby Nussbaum 3 Gretz st. Tel Aviv 63465 

Finnish library

The Finnish library "Kirjakaktus" is open on every first Monday of the month between 5.p.m. and 8.p.m. in the following address:

Chazon Ish  131 Ramat Gan 
Flat 63  16th floor
Tel. 052-348319

The Moshav of Yad HaShmona

The word moshav refers to a rural settlement. The moshav of Yad HaShmona in the Judean hills near Jerusalem was founded by a group of Finnish Christians in 1971. Later on, they were joined by Israelis. Yad HaShmona is a holiday village. For further information, please, contact the moshav directly. 
Address: Yad HaShmona D.N. Tzafon Yehuda 90895 Israel
Tel. 02 - 5942 000

Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission

The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission, with a staff of about ten, operates in Israel in co-operation with the Lutheran churches of Jerusalem, Yaffo and Haifa. Apart from the regular services, the Mission organizes Christmas related activities etc.
For further information it is recommendable to contact the Mission directly.
Visiting address: Shalvetjah -center in Jerusalem 25 Shivtei Israel st. 
Postal address: Shalvetyah -center POB 584 Jerusalem 91004
Immanuel Church in Yaffo
POB 1783
Tel Aviv 61016 

Twin cities
The city of Vantaa in Finland and the Mateh Yehuda Regional Council have been twin cities since 1967. 

The City of Vantaa
Asematie 7
01300 Vantaa
Tel. +358 - 9 - 8391
Fax. +358 - 9 - 8394 - 163

Mateh Yehuda Regional Council
Mercaz Even Ha'ezer
D.N. Shimson 99803
Tel. +972 - 2 - 990 - 0888
Fax. +972 - 2 - 990 - 0902

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